Thursday, January 9, 2014

Casper the friendly horse

Ooh wait I mean Rose.  This little mare never ceases to amaze me.
I just started riding her 10 days ago. She had a few rides on her before coming to us, but had considerable ground manner issues. Previous handlers had allowed these to get in the way of appreciating what she can do under saddle. We are still working on the ground issues daily, but they are getting less and less each day. Every challenge she presents its more than out weighed by her bravery under saddle. Today we worked with the tarp. She walked across it , wore it, and drug it. Never a concerned step did she take. We also started on neck reining this week. Yesterday I was direct reining while laying the opposite rein on her neck. Today started  with the reins bridged, but ended with them solidly laying in my palm. She does require some support with my leg and spurs. For her second day out I will definitely take it.  This little mare is destined for great things. The first of which is The great American trail horse sale in April, where we hope she is able to find her forever family. Unless of course someone local discovers the hidden value of this mare first.

My second ride of the day requires some discretion on my part. What I can say is that this gorgeous gelding was quite the surprise and a real treat to bond with today. In the near future there is going to be a very lucky hunt seat rider with a beautiful new mount. This fella is curious, sweet, and craves the bond as much as I do. Can't wait until the day comes we can reveal his identity.

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