Friday, January 17, 2014

Trail Challenge coming to town

As many of you know I have been very passionate about the obstacle challenge horseshows that Mary Miller Jordan organizes in North Carolina.  High Cotton Obstacle Challenge  I have decided that I will organize a similar series her in Charleston.  I have secured 3 weekends at Mullet Hall.  We will have stalls and hookups available Friday night for move in.  We will then run obstacle classes at 5 levels offering classes both in hand and under saddle on Saturday. For those who like to camp you will be able to stay over and we will trail ride on Sunday. 

This series is open to any equines and their handlers regardless of style, experience, age, or comfort level. There is a class for everyone. We will be offering excellent prizes in all classes, and fantastic embroidered prizes for Championships.  The upper levels will offer payback as well. 

Rest assured, that the focus of this circuit is not on winning, but will be on the relationship you can display with your horse.  Sportsmanship awards will be offered , as well as awards for being gentle with your horse. 
I am attaching sample course maps to give you an idea of what to expect.  In addition to these levels there will e a fourth level that will not be posted until the day of competition.  Pre-entry will be required to allow for designated ride times. 

Rules and more information can be found here. WELLStarted Horsemanship Trail Challenge

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